Honolulu Museum of Art – Hiroshige

Hiroshige: An Artist’s Journey

Exhibition Overview
Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858) is often called “Japan’s artist.” This exhibition presents prints from Hiroshige’s first major success, the series Fifty Three Stations of the Tokaido, depicting the towns and sights along the road between Edo (modern Tokyo) and the ancient capital of Kyoto.

The vinyl wall graphics depict Mt. Fuji with a darker overlaying pattern. In addition to mimicking overlaying woodblock colors, the pattern is based on Hiroshige’s trademark or logo that translated to his nickname “Hiro”. Hiroshige would sometimes hide his logo into motifs (clothing, wallpaper, etc.) in his prints.

Designed at the Honolulu Museum of Art
Museum Director – Stephan Jost
Curator – Shawn Eichman
Director of Communications – Lesa Griffith
Graphic design – Jared Stone
Exhibition installation – Larry Maruya
Vinyl installation – Kahi and Diana Ching (K&D Signs)